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In China, Gold&Rich supplier specializes in Wholesale Makeup Sponge. As the one of leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we provide price list if you want. You can purchase our fancy and customized Wholesale Makeup Sponge from our factory. We sincerely look forward to becoming your reliable long-term business partner!

Hot Products

  • Rounded Corners EVA Dice

    Rounded Corners EVA Dice

    Looking for a set of dice that are soft, safe, and durable? Look no further than Gold&Rich Rounded Corners EVA Dice. These dice are made from high-quality EVA foam, which is soft and squishy to the touch. They also have rounded corners, which make them safe for even the youngest players.
  • Earphone Storage EVA Bag

    Earphone Storage EVA Bag

    Life's little bumps and tumbles are no match for the Gold&Rich Earphone Storage EVA Bag. The durable EVA foam provides superior shock absorption, safeguarding your earphones from accidental drops and everyday wear and tear. The weatherproof exterior shields your audio companions from rain, dust, and spills, letting you take your music anywhere with confidence.
  • Waterproof Eva Foam Sandwich Yoga Block

    Waterproof Eva Foam Sandwich Yoga Block

    The Gold&Rich Waterproof Eva Foam Sandwich Yoga Block is a versatile and durable prop that can be used for a variety of yoga poses. It is made from high-quality EVA foam, which is lightweight, non-slip, and easy to grip. The block is also waterproof, making it ideal for use in hot yoga or outside.
  • Mixed Color Makeup Sponges

    Mixed Color Makeup Sponges

    Gold&Rich Mixed Color Makeup Sponges are a fun and stylish way to add a pop of color to your makeup routine. These colorful sponges are made from a soft, bouncy foam that is perfect for blending makeup evenly and smoothly.
  • 21cm Long EVA Fishing Bobber

    21cm Long EVA Fishing Bobber

    The 21cm Long EVA Fishing Bobber, crafted by Gold & Rich. This isn't just a bobber, it's a statement. Imagine, amidst the serene ripples, a beacon of buoyant brilliance slicing through the water, promising not just catches, but an elevated fishing experience.
  • EVA Foam Inlays

    EVA Foam Inlays

    Gold &Rich EVA Foam Inlays are custom-made inserts typically crafted from high-density ethylene-vinyl acetate foam. They're widely used in various applications,offering: Protection,Organization,Aesthetics etc. Inlays cushion and secure tools, electronics, instruments, and other valuables within their designated compartments, preventing damage from bumps, vibrations, and impacts during travel or storage.

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