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                      Rounded Corners EVA Dice
                      • Rounded Corners EVA DiceRounded Corners EVA Dice
                      • Rounded Corners EVA DiceRounded Corners EVA Dice
                      • Rounded Corners EVA DiceRounded Corners EVA Dice
                      • Rounded Corners EVA DiceRounded Corners EVA Dice
                      • Rounded Corners EVA DiceRounded Corners EVA Dice

                      Rounded Corners EVA Dice

                      Looking for a set of dice that are soft, safe, and durable? Look no further than Gold&Rich Rounded Corners EVA Dice. These dice are made from high-quality EVA foam, which is soft and squishy to the touch. They also have rounded corners, which make them safe for even the youngest players.

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                      Product Description

                      Say goodbye to ouchies and hello to happy rolls! Gold&Rich Suppliers  Rounded Corners EVA Dice aren't just game pieces, they're invitations to laughter, safe play, and endless rounds of fun. Imagine the delightful squish as these velvety cubes land in your hand, their gentle curves and vibrant colors bringing smiles to every face around the table.

                      Rounded Corners EVA Dice Features:

                      ● Soft Embrace: Forget cold, hard plastic! These dice boast a soft, velvety texture that's a pleasure to hold and toss. Say goodbye to accidental ouchies and hello to happy hands, even for the littlest players.

                      ● Smiling Sides: No sharp edges in sight! Each die features friendly, rounded corners that eliminate the ouch factor and add a touch of playful charm to every roll.

                      ● Vibrant Explosion: Ditch the drab! Choose from a rainbow of eye-catching colors, from classic black and white to neon pops and shimmering metallics, ensuring your game night shines as brightly as the smiles on your faces.

                      ● Safe & Sound: Play with peace of mind. These dice are non-toxic and BPA-free, putting safety first without sacrificing the fun.

                      Rounded Corners EVA Dice Selling Points:

                      ● Laughter, Guaranteed: Softness meets vibrant colors, resulting in giggles and joyful squeals with every roll. These dice are guaranteed to add an extra dose of fun to any game night.

                      ● Beyond the Board: Not just for games! Use these versatile dice for storytelling prompts, sensory exploration, counting practice, or even as colorful decorations.

                      ● Durable Delight: Don't be fooled by their softness! These dice are surprisingly tough. Their closed-cell foam construction resists tears, water, and even drool, ensuring they withstand countless adventures.

                      ● Family-Friendly Fun: Perfect for all ages, from toddlers discovering the joy of rolling to adults rediscovering the playful spirit of game nights.


                      ● Size: Standard 16mm dice, perfect for a comfortable grip and familiar gameplay.

                      ● Material: Soft, closed-cell EVA foam for ultimate squish and durability.

                      ● Rounded Corners: Playful curves on all sides for gentle landings and happy hands.

                      ● Color Options: A variety of vibrant colors to match your personality and style.

                      The Rounded Corners EVA Dice Parameter (Specification):




                      100% recycled EVA foam


                      Customize any colors




                      Accept print your logo


                      OPP bag packing or customize

                      Invest in Smiles:

                      Gold&Rich Rounded Corners EVA Dice are more than just game pieces; they're keys to unlocking laughter, shared experiences, and memories that will last a lifetime. So, gather your loved ones, grab a handful of these delightful dice, and let the good times roll, safely and softly!

                      Remember, with Gold&Rich Rounded Corners EVA Dice, every roll is a burst of fun, without the sharp edges.

                      Rounded Corners EVA Dice Bonus Points:

                      ● Ideal for a variety of games, from classics like Yahtzee to imaginative storytelling.

                      ● Makes a unique and thoughtful gift for families and game enthusiasts.

                      ● Backed by Gold&Rich's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

                      Ready to roll into smiles? Order your Gold&Rich Rounded Corners EVA Dice today!

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