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Eva Yoga Block How Much Weight


The yoga block is an aid for beginners and practitioners with poor flexibility, a aid for mediation postures, and a aid for body reaching some initiatives. The Yoga Block can help us Support Different parts of the body The Yoga block is an aid for beginners and practitioners with poor flexibility, to help with postures, to help with a number of initiatives to reach the body. Yoga blocks can help us support different parts of the body, and restrain beginners from emergencies in other parts of the body due to poor softness or insufficient muscle strength (if you don't have a yoga block, you can also use a thicker book instead). The yoga block is an aid for doing yoga exercises. Nervousness is a strain when a guard makes a difficult move. Some of the poses in yoga require fully extended arms or the lower back touching the ground. The support brick can help you stretch your pelvis for beginners, and then adjust the distance between the yoga brick and the ground by position, and gradually complete the self-softening cycle. Choose yoga block has the following 5 characteristics 1, the same commonly used specifications are 23*15*7.6cm; 2. Non-slip, waterproof, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. 3. Flexible and crack resistant, lightweight and durable. Content from 4, follow the rules to improve body flexibility. 5, help each initiative to reach the required precision.
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