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                      High Density EVA Wedge
                      • High Density EVA WedgeHigh Density EVA Wedge
                      • High Density EVA WedgeHigh Density EVA Wedge
                      • High Density EVA WedgeHigh Density EVA Wedge
                      • High Density EVA WedgeHigh Density EVA Wedge
                      • High Density EVA WedgeHigh Density EVA Wedge
                      • High Density EVA WedgeHigh Density EVA Wedge
                      • High Density EVA WedgeHigh Density EVA Wedge

                      High Density EVA Wedge

                      The GOLD&RICH High Density EVA Wedge is a versatile and supportive yoga prop that can help you improve your practice. It is made from high-density EVA foam that provides sturdy support, even in the most demanding poses. The wedge's gentle incline makes it ideal for deep stretches, improved balance, and enhanced alignment.

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                      Product Description

                      Beyond just a wedge, the custom GOLD&RICH High Density EVA Wedge is a gateway to deeper exploration, greater balance, and renewed confidence in your yoga practice. Crafted from ultra-supportive high-density EVA foam, this innovative prop guides your body into profound stretches, unlocks hidden potential, and ignites a newfound joy in your flow.

                      Here's how the GOLD&RICH High Density EVA Wedge will elevate your practice and inspire you to reach new heights:

                      Unleash Deeper Stretches: Bid farewell to tight hamstrings and inflexible shoulders! The wedge's gentle incline elongates and releases muscles, making poses like Downward-Facing Dog and Uttanasana more accessible and rewarding. Experience unprecedented lengthening and feel your body surrender to the transformative power of deeper stretch.

                      Find Your Center with Unwavering Balance: Wobbly poses are a thing of the past. The wedge's stable platform offers unwavering support, allowing you to confidently explore even the most challenging balancing postures. From Tree Pose to Warrior III, embrace newfound equilibrium and discover the grace and strength within.

                      Align Your Body, Unlock Your Potential: Misalignment? Not anymore! The wedge's precise angle gently corrects postural imbalances in Bridge Pose, Cobra, and numerous other asanas. Cultivate optimal form and prevent injuries, while experiencing the euphoria of perfect alignment.

                      Comfort and Support for Every Flow: Whether you're a seasoned yogi or just starting out, the wedge's gentle cushioning provides welcome support for knees, wrists, and backs. Practice without pain or discomfort, allowing your mind to fully immerse in the present moment.

                      Travel-Friendly, Vibrant Inspiration: Take your practice anywhere! The wedge's lightweight and compact design makes it your perfect on-the-go companion. Choose from a spectrum of vibrant colors to add a touch of personalized flair to your studio or home space. Let the wedge be a constant reminder of your commitment to growth and transformation.

                      GOLD&RICH is committed to quality and sustainability. Our EVA foam wedges are eco-friendly and recyclable, and their durable construction ensures they'll be your trusted yoga companion for years to come. Invest in your practice, invest in yourself. Choose the GOLD&RICH High-Density EVA Wedge and embark on a journey of self-discovery, one breath, one stretch, one pose at a time.

                      Bonus Tip: Combine the GOLD&RICH wedge with other Gold&Rich yoga props, like blocks and straps, for an even more enriching and personalized practice. Remember, every yogi's journey is unique. Let GOLD&RICH be your trusted guide on your path to inner peace and physical well being.

                      The Gold&Rich High Density EVA Wedge Parameter (Specification):




                      100% recycled EVA foam


                      customize any colors

                      Dimensions: (L x W x H)

                      Can customize


                      Accept print your logo


                      OPP bag packing or customize

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