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                      21cm Long EVA Fishing Bobber
                      • 21cm Long EVA Fishing Bobber21cm Long EVA Fishing Bobber
                      • 21cm Long EVA Fishing Bobber21cm Long EVA Fishing Bobber
                      • 21cm Long EVA Fishing Bobber21cm Long EVA Fishing Bobber

                      21cm Long EVA Fishing Bobber

                      The 21cm Long EVA Fishing Bobber, crafted by Gold & Rich. This isn't just a bobber, it's a statement. Imagine, amidst the serene ripples, a beacon of buoyant brilliance slicing through the water, promising not just catches, but an elevated fishing experience.

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                      Product Description

                      A Beacon of Luxury on the Water:

                      Step into the world of premium angling with the Gold & Rich customize 21cm Long EVA Fishing Bobber. This isn't just a fishing tool; it's a statement piece, designed to turn heads and elevate your fishing experience to unparalleled heights.

                      Uncompromising Performance:

                      ● 21cm of Buoyancy: This impressive length ensures exceptional visibility, even on choppy waters, letting you track your line with pinpoint accuracy.

                      ● Premium EVA Construction: The bobber's core is crafted from high-quality EVA foam, renowned for its exceptional buoyancy and unparalleled durability. It's virtually unsinkable and resistant to even the most aggressive fish strikes.

                      ● Aerodynamic Design: The elongated shape cuts through the air and water with minimal resistance, ensuring precise casting and optimal line control.

                      Opulence in Every Detail:

                      ● Shimmering Gold Finish: The bobber isn't simply painted gold; it's adorned with a meticulously woven blend of gold fibers, creating a mesmerizing shimmer that catches the sunlight like a king's ransom.

                      ● Discreet Brand Markings: The Gold & Rich logo is subtly etched onto the bobber, adding a touch of understated elegance without compromising its sleek aesthetic.

                      ● Sturdy Line Attachment: The bobber features a robust swivel eyelet for secure line attachment, preventing line twists and ensuring smooth, worry-free fishing.

                      More Than Just a Bobber:

                      The Gold & Rich 21cm Long EVA Fishing Bobber is more than just a functional tool; it's a symbol of your passion for the sport and your appreciation for the finer things in life. It's a conversation starter, a badge of honor for discerning anglers, and a testament to your commitment to experiencing fishing at its most luxurious.

                      Imagine the scene:

                      ● The early morning mist hangs low over the glassy surface of the lake. Your cast cuts through the air, and the Gold & Rich bobber sails gracefully through the stillness, its golden gleam dancing in the first rays of dawn.

                      ● A ferocious strike shatters the serenity. The line rips through the water, and the bobber dips and bobs, a beacon of excitement against the verdant backdrop. As you reel in your prize, the golden glint of the bobber reflects the thrill of the chase, a reminder of the unique experience you're enjoying.

                      The Gold & Rich 21cm Long EVA Fishing Bobber is not just a bobber; it's an invitation to elevate your fishing to a whole new level.

                      Additional Details:

                      ● Available in various sizes to match your specific fishing needs.

                      ● Perfect for a variety of freshwater and saltwater fishing applications.

                      ● Makes a unique and luxurious gift for the passionate angler in your life.

                      Embrace the opulent side of fishing. Cast your line with the Gold & Rich 21cm Long EVA Fishing Bobber and experience the thrill of the chase in luxurious style.

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